Register description

1. Register holder

Name: KUVIO Research Archive

2. Contact person

Arto Kuorikoski
Email arto.kuorikoski ( at )

3. Register name

User register of KUVIO Research Archive

4. Purpose of handling user data

User data is collected from registered users. Registration offers users the possibility to send images to KUVIO Research Archive and use electronic collections of images known as image baskets. We need to recognize the users in order to verify copyrights of images. The implementation of an image basket needs user authentication. The contents of image baskets may be used with statistical methods to improve and develop the service.

5. Data in register

6. Information sources

Users provide information during registration and during use of service.

7. Sharing information

KUVIO Research Archive doesn't share personal information.

8. Information transmission outside EU or EEA

Information won't be transmitted outside EU or EEA.

9. Privacy policy

Only employees of KUVIO Research Archive have the right to access Kuvio User Register and maintain its data. No information will be manually collected nor saved. The system is secured by passwords and technical aids.

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