Kuvio Research Archive Terms of Use

1 General information

Kuvio Research Archive is an extensive online service, which offers information about church architecture and art. Online material is free to use for educational and research purposes. The image quality of the main material is high and user interface contains versatile search opportunities for example country and theme searches.

Full resolution images can be ordered for prices seen in the price list.

2 Copyrights

Kuvio Research Archive material is partly free to use and partly protected by Copyright Law. The name of the photographer must be mentioned in the same context as the image. In case of confusion please contact kuvio-info@helsinki.fi

3 User liability

The user is liable to follow these terms, the law, government rules and good manners. If the user fails to do so and causes damage to service providers or others, he or she is responsible for it.

4 Service provider liability

Service provider is not responsible for any errors or mistakes in the service. Service provider doesn't guarantee the service is suitable for certain purposes. Service provider is not responsible for malfunctions or service breaks caused by technical errors, communications and Internet errors, maintenance or other similar causes.

5 Changes in service

Service provider has a right to change contents, actions, functions and these terms to develop and improve the service or for any another reason.

Service provider is not responsible for any loss of data. Service provider has right to close down the service without any notice.

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