Found project: General Post Office

    Project : General Post Office

    Language variant : Hoofdpostkantoor

    Architect : Peters, C.H.

    Completion: 1899

    Locality : Amsterdam

    Country : Netherlands

    Building style : Gothic Revival

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    Description :

    “Derived from the late Gothic Kanselarij in Leeuwarden, this is C.H. Peters’ largest, if not his most subtle building in the ‘post office Gothic’ style. Cumbersome when viewed frontally, the building's main volume seems lighter viewed from an acute angle and has a dynamic silhouette.”

    There is a heavy tower over the loading-bay at the southwest corner. The main hall with galleries has fine coloring. In 1991 the interior was converted into a shopping center by H. Ruyssenaars.

    Amsterdam Architecture, a Guide. Edited by Guus Kemme. Uitgeverij Thoth, Amsterdam 1992, p. 92.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    General Post Office
    General Post Office
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