Found project: Office Building Holland van 1859

    Project : Office Building Holland van 1859

    Language variant : Kantoorgebouw Holland van 1859

    Architect : Ravensteyn, Sybold van

    Completion: 1939

    Locality : Dordrecht

    Country : Netherlands

    Building style :

    Description :

    Office building “Holland van 1859”, done in Dordrecht in 1937–1939, is a small, one-story, rectangular block of offices, elevated half a story from street level and surmounted by an oval penthouse containing a conference room reached by a grand staircase.”

    “In the original interiors, the employees were treated generous, well-daylighted work spaces with all the functionalist amenities, but the sleek metal furniture was set off by slightly strange decorative elements and light fittings.”

    “On the exterior, reality collapses completely; the somewhat nautical flavor of the parti is elaborated by a collage of bizarre details and ornament, including porthole windows, half-cylinder pilasters, pastry-cook rolled fillets on every edge, and a grand entrance surmounted by an unlikely combination of delicate filagree work and a heavy, monumental, freestanding sculpture group.”

    “To its “Nieuwe Bouwen” contemporaries, the building was a major scandal. It has now been largely surrounded by two well-detailed, high-tech office wings, done in 1987; it is as if rationalism has returned to conceal Van Ravensteyn’s embarrassing heresy.”

    Buch, Joseph: A Century of Architecture in the Netherlands 1880–1990, NAI Publishers, p. 265.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Office Building Holland van 1859
    Office Building Holland van 1859
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