Found project: Church of St. Mary the Ancient

    Project : Church of St. Mary the Ancient

    Language variant : Iglesia de Santa María La Antigua

    Architect : Ansúrez, Pedro (commissioner)

    Completion: 16th c.

    Locality : Valladolid

    Country : Spain

    Building style : Romanesque

    Description :

    The oldest parts of the current temple date to the late 12th century: the gallery in the northern side of the building and the tower, both in Romanesque style. The naves and sanctuary were rebuilt in the 14th c. in Gothic style, following the style of Burgos Cathedral. In the mid-16th c, architect Rodrigo Gil de Hontanon restored the collapsing building, adding buttresses and several windows. In the early 20th c. the building was extensively restored and rebuilt in order to show its original Romanesque-Gothic appearance.ía_La_Antigua (June 17, 2011).

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Church of St. Mary the Ancient
    Church of St. Mary the Ancient
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski