Found project: Netherlands Architecture Institute

    Project : Netherlands Architecture Institute

    Language variant : Nederlands architectuurinstituut

    Architect : Coenen, J.M.J.

    Completion: 1993

    Locality : Rotterdam

    Country : Netherlands

    Building style :

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    Description :

    A limited competition of six invited architects was held for this commission.

    Coenen chose a disjunctive parti similar to the 1980s’ work of Stirling and Isosaki and used its separation of elements to help solve the requirements of program and site.

    Coenen attempts to make collages of his buildings, in time as well as space. Unhappily, however, this often seems to take the form of a revivalist approach to 1950s’ modernism; his appropriation of Corbusian motifs, such as his use of Delft School portholes, borders on the fetishistic. In general, his sketches show a search for interesting forms, with structure relegated to being the means for accomplishing these forms.

    Buch, Joseph: A Century of Architecture in the Netherlands 1880–1990, NAI Publishers, pp. 279–381.

    Jo Coenen tries to introduce a fusion of different designs to connect the existing context and in a plan. His work is sometimes characterized as a ‘friendly monumentalism’. (June 17, 2011).

    Ed. and transl. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Netherlands Architecture Institute
    Netherlands Architecture Institute
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