Found project: Spaarbank

    Project : Spaarbank

    Architect : Oud, J.P.P.

    Completion: 1955

    Locality : Rotterdam

    Country : Netherlands

    Building style : De Stijl

    Description :

    Through the 1930s J.J.P. Oud’s style became more formalistic and decorative. His flirtations with the baroque tendencies were described as “poetic functionalism” or by hard-core modernists as a “betrayal”.

    The most controversial of Oud’s buildings in this regard was the “BIM” (later Shell) office building on Wassenaarseweg in Den Haag (1938–42), quite monumental it its conception, with a symmetrical facade and some rather stiff, late-deco ornament.

    Oud’s Saving Bank office building on Botersloot in Rotterdam was designed on the same time but only completed in the early 1950s; it also has a symmetrical facade and some ornament but already shows a return to a simpler style.

    Buch, Joseph: A Century of Architecture in the Netherlands 1880–1990, NAI Publishers, p. 211.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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