Found project: Église Saint-Laurent

    Project : Église Saint-Laurent

    Language variant : St. Laurent

    Architect : n/a

    Completion: 1429 (consecration – unfinished)

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style : Gothic

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    Description :

    "From the times of Gregoire de Tours, in the 6th c., there is an indication of a small abbey on a hill, on the exact spot where the Saint Laurent church is today, but its existence does not seem to have been long because there is no allusion to it in the texts from the 8th c. In 1180 a church dedicated to Saint Laurent and erected at the same place is mentioned, but there are no remains of it. Charlotte-Marguerite de Montmorency, wife of Henri II of Bourbon, prince of Condé, has laid the first stone of the current building on the 20th of June 1621. In the 1793 St. Laurent became the “Temple of Hymen and Fidelity”.
    Some details of sculpture and ornamentation deserve to be mentioned around the choir and apse, even though they are not quite visible. We will indicate, writes Guilhermy, an alcove containing a figure of saint Jean-Baptiste (15th c.)…corbels under the gargoyles in shapes of winged women, a monster with a negroid head and claws of lion, finally, and especially, the cornice that tops the highest parts of the walls. In the gorge of this cornice, in the middle of branches and leaves, one sees a crowd of small animals of the most spiritual invention running and climbing. Children, with jester bonnets on their heads play at doing contortions; another child, kneeling, piteously exposes his posterior to the martinet of an old schoolmaster; angels, with their bodies ending in animal tails; a hunter in an odd costume pursuing with arrows a sort of salamander and many other diverting images."

    Amédée Boinet, Les Edifices Réligieux: Moyen-Age. Renaissance, Ed. H. Laurens, 1910, Paris, pp. 122–124. Série: les richesses d’art de la ville de Paris.

    Ed. and trans. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Église Saint-Laurent
    Église Saint-Laurent
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