Found project: Église Saint-Eustache

    Project : Église Saint-Eustache

    Language variant : St. Eustache Church

    Architect : n/a

    Completion: 1637

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style : Gothic

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    Description :

    "Léon Palustre (French archeologist, 1838–1894): 'Of course we grant gladly that the composition of the piles is somewhat artificial, that the high positioning of the aisle reduces the triforium to the role of a simple balustrade, and at the same time does not allow the high windows to develop sufficiently; that the rib vault no longer indicates the construction, that the hanging keys enter the category of quirks, of which a serious art should be exempt. But all that removes nothing from the majesty of the structure, and if ornamentation can be sometimes capricious, it never stops being full of nobility and magnitude, so that certain layouts, which cold logic would surely condemn, exercise on the spirit an extreme enticement. The Saint Eustache church is not only, from a religious point of view, the most brilliant conception of an era that produced so many fine monuments; she deserves also a place of honor among the architectural creations that all the ages recommend to our admiration.'"

    Amédée Boinet, Les Edifices Réligieux: Moyen-Age. Renaissance, Ed. H. Laurens, 1910, Paris, p. 187. Série: les richesses d’art de la ville de Paris.

    Ed. and trans. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Église Saint-Eustache
    Église Saint-Eustache
    Image © Heikki Hanka

    Église Saint-Eustache
    Église Saint-Eustache
    Image © Heikki Hanka