Found project: Notre-Dame-des-Victores

    Project : Notre-Dame-des-Victores

    Language variant : Our Lady of Victories Basilica

    Architect : Cartaud, Sylvain

    Completion: 1737

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style : Baroque

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    Description :

    “Constructed over the course of a century, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires is the only extant remnant of a convent that had been demolished in 1859. Inside the church are a few noteworthy works of art and craftsmanship: paintings by Carle Van Loo; an eighteenth-century organ case; and, by sculptor Jean Collignon, the tomb and bust of composer Jean-Baptiste Lully.” Lully died in 1687 of abscess after hitting his toe with a long staff (a precursor to the baton) while conducting the orchestra and developing a gangrene which spread because he refused to get his toe amputated.

    One Thousand Buildings of Paris, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2003, p. 64. (Aprill 13, 2011).

    Ed. Katriina Puputti

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    Image © Heikki Hanka