Found project: Val-de-Grâce

    Project : Val-de-Grâce

    Architect : Mansart, Francois

    Completion: 1667

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style : Baroque

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    Description :

    "The Benedictines of the Val de Grâce owed their establishment to the great piety of Queen Anne of Austria, who filled the Saint-Jacques district with religious communities. Architects and artists strove to satisfy the pious intentions of the queen who wanted to raise a splendid temple to the glory of God. The result of such devotion on the part of the builders was the admiration the edifice received in its time. It was seen then as one of the most perfect models of style of its time, when the taste for ancient art was compatible with all the resources of modern inspiration. In a brilliant and curious advocacy, Molière pompously celebrated its beauties, which he opposed to medieval art, in a quite classic unjust manner.

    '…Tout s’y voit tiré d’un vaste fond d’esprit,
    Assaisonné du sel de nos grâces antiques
    Et non du fade goût des ornements gothiques,
    Ces monstres odieux des siècles ignorants
    Que de la barbarie ont produit des torrents.'"

    Jean Bayet, Les Edifices Réligieux: XVII, XVIII et XIX siècles, Ed. H. Laurens, 1910, Paris, pp. 36, 38–39. Série: les richesses d’art de la ville de Paris.

    Ed. and trans. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Image © Heikki Hanka