Found project: Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

    Project : Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

    Architect : Derrand, Francois

    Completion: 1641

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style : Gothic

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    Description :

    "A big church, which plans have been made by the Jesuit Francois Derrand, replaced the old chapel dedicated to St Louis in 1627. Richelieu ordered to build at his own expense the big portal that was constructed by father Martel-Ange. Richelieu celebrated himself the first mass in the new church in 1627 in the presence of Louis XIII, the Queen and Gaston of Orléans.
    The scattering of the Company of Jesus and the disparage of the Jesuits left the convent in the hands of its creditors. The buildings were then occupied by the canons of Sainte-Catherine, and during the Revolution it became a depot of books. The church was given back to the cult after the Concordat. Its dedication was combined to the one of Saint Paul, in memory of a quite old church that stood in the same neighbourhood before the Revolution. This church used to be the parish of the kings of France while they lived in the Hotel Saint-Paul. The Saint-Paul parish contained rich tombs; its stained glass was quite famous and represented the closest known portrait of Jeanne d’Arc. Charles VI and Charles VII were baptized in this church. Rabelais, the architect Jules-Hardouin Mansart and Nicot, who imported tobacco to France, were buried in its cemetery."

    Jean Bayet, Les Edifices Réligieux: XVII, XVIII et XIX siècles, Ed. H. Laurens, 1910, Paris, pp. 16–17. Série: les richesses d’art de la ville de Paris.

    Ed. and trans. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
    Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
    Image © Heikki Hanka

    Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
    Église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
    Image © Heikki Hanka