Found project: Église de l´Assomption

    Project : Église de l´Assomption

    Language variant : Our Lady of the Assumption

    Architect : Errard, Charles (Jr.)

    Completion: 1676

    Locality : Paris

    Country : France

    Building style :

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    Description :

    "The Haudriettes, who raised this chapel, got their name from Jean Haudri, who left his home in the fourteenth century, to achieve the pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostelle. It is said that he remained there so long, that his wife thought him dead. Believing to have become a widow, she tried to get comfort in the company of those who similar misfortune had struck. When her husband returned, he found his house turned into a convent of widows. If we are to believe the tradition, far from blaming his wife, Haudri approved her actions.

    Three centuries later, the Cardinal Francois de La Rouchefoucauld, wishing to submit the ladies of the Haudriettes to a more strict rule, opened a convent in the Rue St. Honoré. The nuns soon built a church of large dimensions, which plans were ordered from Charles Errard, the young architect and painter, who became the first director of the Academy of France in Rome. The construction began in 1670 and was completed in 1676. Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption is nowadays the Polish Church of Paris." (June 20, 2011).
    Jean Bayet, Les Edifices Réligieux: XVII, XVIII et XIX siècles, Ed. H. Laurens, 1910, Paris, p. 54. Série: les richesses d’art de la ville de Paris.

    Ed. and trans. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Église de l´Assomption
    Église de l´Assomption
    Image © Heikki Hanka

    Église de l´Assomption
    Église de l´Assomption
    Image © Heikki Hanka