Found project: Theotokos Kyriotissa

    Project : Theotokos Kyriotissa

    Architect : Comnenian dynasty (commissioner)

    Completion: 12th c. (3rd church)

    Locality : Istanbul

    Country : Turkey

    Building style : Byzantine

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    Description :

    Pierre Gilles, a French editor, traveled in the sixteenth century into the Empire of Suleiman the Magnificent. Two of his opuses, published five years after his death, have been used since by travelers, architects, spies and historians. In his “Lettre à un ami” (Letter to a friend) Pierre Gilles briefly mentions the Kalenderhane Mosque. According to him, the building, once a church, and now turned into mosque, stands between the Serail of Women and mausoleum that Sultan Suleyman built for his son, Mehmet.

    Pierre Gilles, Itinéraires Byzantins: Lettre à un ami. Du Bosphore de Thrace, De la topographie de Constantinople et de ses antiquités. Introduction, traduction du latin et notes de Jean-Pierre Grélois, Association des amis du Centre d’histoire et civilisation de Bysance, Paris, 2007, p. 399.

    #Prior to [1970s archeological investigations] it had been believed that this church was either the Church of St Mary Diaconissa or that of St Saviour Akataleptos, and that it dated to around the 12th C. The investigators established that it was neither of these, but the 9th C. Church of the Kyriotissa.#

    Jane Taylor, Imperial Istanbul (Iznik – Bursa – Edirne), Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1989, p. 159.

    Ed. and transl. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Theotokos Kyriotissa
    Theotokos Kyriotissa
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