Found project: Great Palace of Constantinople

    Project : Great Palace of Constantinople

    Language variant : Büyük Saray

    Architect : n/a

    Locality : Istanbul

    Country : Turkey

    Building style :

    Description :

    “For over a thousand years Constantinople was the capital of Christendom, the richest metropolis in Europe and the most populous city west of the great Chinese Silk Route terminus of Ch’ang-an. To the Barbarian West Byzantium was an almost mythical beacon of higher civilisation, the repository of all that had been salvaged from the wreck of classical antiquity. In their sagas, the Vikings called it Micklegarth, the Great City. It had no rival.
    From the Great Palace on the shores of the Sea of Marmara Justinian, probably the greatest of the Byzantine emperors, controlled an empire that ran from the walls of Genoa clockwise around the Mediterranean to the Pillars of Hercules at Ceuta, embracing Italy, the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East and the North African littoral.”

    William Dalrymple, From the Holy Mountain: A Journey Among the Christians of the Middle East, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1998, p.26

    Ed. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Great Palace of Constantinople
    Great Palace of Constantinople
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