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    Project : Damrak

    Language variant : Damrak

    Architect : n/a

    Locality : Amsterdam

    Country : Netherlands

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    The Damrak is a partly filled in canal at the centre of Amsterdam, between Amsterdam Centraal railway station and Dam Square, running north-south. It is the main street where people arriving at the station enter the centre of Amsterdam. Because of the former stock exchange building, the monumental Beurs van Berlage (now used for other purposes), and several other buildings related to financial activities erected there in the early 20th century, the term “Damrak” has come to be a synonym for the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in the same way “Wall Street” is synonymous with the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The street was located on a rak (reach), a straight part of the Amstel river near a dam; hence the name. In the 19th century, a section of it was filled in. (June 29, 2011).

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