Found project: Fountain of Ahmed III

    Project : Fountain of Ahmed III

    Language variant : Ahmet Çeşmesi

    Architect : n/a

    Locality : Istanbul

    Country : Turkey

    Building style :

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    “Four fountain houses were built in Istanbul in a period of four years. The first, completed in 1728, was built by Damat Ibrahim Paşa. It was located between the two imperial mosques near the harbor. It was square with cut-off corners, made entirely from marble. There was a trough for ladling the water on either side and small water basins for refreshment on the corners. Muqarnas form the transition from the square cornice to the cut-off corners, which are decorated with spiraling columns. On the front side are two niches facing the sea. Baroque elements such as spirals and scallops adorn the arcades, similar to those on the fountain of the Emetullah Sultan Mosque.
    Ahmet III used this fountain as the model for the fountain that adorns the entrance of the Topkapi Sarayi in front of the Bab-i Hümanyun in the following year. This is a square fountain house with a round basin on each of the four corners; each fountain is flanked by two niches. The surface is decorated with inscriptions and floral and fruit reliefs. The roof, which has a wide overhang and four slanted surfaces, is crowned with a finial.”

    Stéphane Yerasimos, Constantinople: Istanbul’s Historical Heritage, Könemann, Paris, 2005, pp. 341-342.

    Ed. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Fountain of Ahmed III
    Fountain of Ahmed III
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