Found project: Suomen Pankki

    Project : Suomen Pankki

    Language variant : Bank of Finland

    Architect : Bohnstedt, Ludvig

    Completion: 1883

    Locality : Helsinki

    Country : Finland

    Building style :

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    Bohnstedt's Bank of Finland was an italianate neo-renaissance palace that hinted stylistically at the Palazzo Medici of the ancient banking family in Florence. The cornerstone of the building was laid in May 1879, a year after the Finnish markka had been fixed to the gold standard. The building can be seen as a monument to Finland's new, European monetary system, reiterated by the cementing of 10 and 20-markka gold coins in the cornerstone. In his speech at the event, the chairman of the supervisory council of the bank, Robert Montgomery, expressed the hope that the walls would defy time and protect the property of the Finnish people. The Bank of Finland moved into its new headquarters in 1883.

    Antti Kuusterä: Bank of Finland 200 years. I, Imperial cashier to central bank. Otava, 2011, 378.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Suomen Pankki
    Suomen Pankki
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    Suomen Pankki
    Suomen Pankki
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