Found project: Helsingin yliopiston päärakennus

    Project : Helsingin yliopiston päärakennus

    Language variant : Helsinki University Main Building

    Architect : Engel, Carl Ludvig

    Completion: 1832

    Locality : Helsinki

    Country : Finland

    Building style : Neoclassicism

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    Description :

    In the late winter of 1828 the Czar appointed a building committee for the university with Engel as chairman. Construction was due to begin on the first of May the same year. The building was mainly of brick and was plastered and painted. The pediment and the bases of the columns of the outer steps and the vestibule were made of local granite. The flagstones of the vestibule floor and the staircases were imported from Tallinn and Öland. The hall and the vestibule were heated with ovens located under the floor from which heat was transferred via iron pipes. The other rooms were heated with tiled stoves, of which the finer ones were ordered from Stockholm and Tartu.

    Throughout his whole life Engel had been interested in building technique and was instrumental in developing it. The columns and pediment of the Main Building, various mouldings and listels and the staircases with their vaults were built with methods described by Engel in his article in "Journal Für die Baukunst" published in Berlin.

    Kalevi Pöykkö: Päärakennus. — Yliopiston Helsinki / University architecture in Helsinki. Ed. EEA Pekkala-Koskela. Helsingin yliopisto, 2001, 194.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Helsingin yliopiston päärakennus
    Helsingin yliopiston päärakennus
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