Found project: Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo

    Project : Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo

    Language variant : Jyväskylä Defence Corps Building

    Architect : Aalto, Alvar

    Completion: 1929

    Locality : Jyväskylä

    Country : Finland

    Building style : Nordic classicism

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    Description :

    Three buildings were designed for this complex—one containing offices and an assembly room, the others being a stable block and a barracks. The first mentioned building contains a rather grand ceremonial staircase which descends to the assembly, half sunk into the ground, with its flat roof covered with earth, presumably to provide a platform from which the Civil Guards may be inspected. The assembly hall itself is nearly circular, with two enormous Minoan-style pillars off-centre and supporting the wall of the office building above.

    The Barracks faces this building across a sandy parade ground and is on the first building's major axis, while the stable block at the other end of the long axis of the site is a symmetrical building but positioned off the site axis. A landscaped semi-circular area completes the site plan at the opposite end to the stable block, producing a neo-classical composition of a kind that Aalto would never return to; the detailing of the elements again shows Aalto's mastery of the language of his elders.

    David Dunster: Alvar Aalto. Academy Editions, 1978, 30.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo
    Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski

    Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo
    Jyväskylän suojeluskuntatalo
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski