Found project: Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty

    Project : Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty

    Language variant : Teacher’s Canteen Lyhty

    Architect : Aalto, Alvar

    Completion: 1954

    Locality : Jyväskylä

    Country : Finland

    Building style : Modern architecture (not specified)

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    Description :

    Nearest the main building is Lyhty, resembling a small Greek temple and originally used as the teachers refectory and meeting room. The kitchen and entrance hall are situated on the ground floor of the adjoining student refectory. The rectangular facade is divided up by the sequence of light granite columns and large windows that overlook the campus. The terraced walls in front of the building link the planted vegetation to the interior. Between the main dining area and the entrance hall are two small seating areas, with circular tables from the Artek range. In the entrance hall, in front of the coat hanging rack, the space is differentiated by a brick floor and dark blue wall. The floor of the dining space was originally ash parquet flooring. At the entrance hall end of the space was originally an open fireplace. From the dining hall there is a view through the large windows out over the surrounding nature and the sports field.

    The roof of Lyhty is supported by the granite columns. The light colour of the facade differentiates it from the redbrick buildings in the same row and emphasizes its special character as a dignified independent building. Despite its small size, the building dominates its surroundings. Its entrance hall is dimly lit, in contrast to the light-filled dining hall.

    Alvar Aalto architect. [Volume 16]. Ed. Esa Laaksonen et al. Alvar Aalto Academy, 2009, 152.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty
    Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski

    Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty
    Opettajien ruokailutila Lyhty
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski