Found project: Belvedere Schloss

    Project : Belvedere Schloss

    Architect : Hildebrandt, Johann Lucas von

    Completion: 1716

    Locality : Wien

    Country : Austria

    Building style : Baroque

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    Description :

    Austrian general Prince Eugene of Savoy decided to have a garden palace erected on land he owned near the city wall. Between 1714 and 1716 his personal architect, Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, created the Lower Belvedere—a Baroque summer residence with rooms for daily living and for entertaining, an orangery, and magnificent stables.

    However, Eugenes’s passion for building was not satisfied. Five years later Hildebrandt tackled the Upper Belvedere, which lay on a higher section of the terraced garden area. The prince had originally planned a small building that would provide a focal point for his estate. The final result, however, went far beyond the scope of a small garden palace.

    The building itself consists of several huge pavilions, each of which is of a different height. The corner buildings, with their domed roofs, are particularly prominent. The central section of the palace, with its grand pediment and rich sculptural ornamentation, is particularly impressive—especially when reflected in the artificial lake just in front of the palace.

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    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Belvedere Schloss
    Belvedere Schloss
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski

    Belvedere Schloss
    Belvedere Schloss
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski