Found project: Cathedralé Saint-Jean

    Project : Cathedralé Saint-Jean

    Language variant : Lyon Cathedral

    Architect : n/a

    Completion: 1480

    Locality : Lyon

    Country : France

    Building style : Romanesque

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    Description :

    "The cathedral is a mixture of styles from Romanesque to Flamboyant. It was started in the mid 12th century, finished in the 15th century and improved and refurbished in the 16th century before being damaged during the War of Religion and the Revolution. In 1562, the cathedral was destroyed by the Calvinists troops of Baron Adrets. The windows of the medieval nave and the tympanum of the main portal were destroyed in the 18th century on the order of Canons. During the Revolution, the cathedral suffered some damage. Between 1791 and 1793, the bishop Lamourette ordered the modification of the choir, and also destroys the gallery.
    The choir is restored to its medieval layout between 1935 and 1936. During the release of Lyon in September 1944, a part of the windows were destroyed. The facade is plastered in 1982." (June 13, 2011).

    Ed. Adzhoa Makkonen

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    Cathedralé Saint-Jean
    Cathedralé Saint-Jean
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski

    Cathedralé Saint-Jean
    Cathedralé Saint-Jean
    Image © Arto Kuorikoski