Found project: Alajärven nuorisoseurantalo

    Project : Alajärven nuorisoseurantalo

    Language variant : Alajärvi Youth Association Building

    Architect : Aalto, Alvar

    Completion: 1919

    Locality : Alajärvi

    Country : Finland

    Building style : Nordic classicism

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    Description :

    Alajärvi youth association building, later defence corps building, now club building, designed by Aalto in 1919, built immediately and still standing. A clubhouse built of logs, it has vertical weatherboarding and a hipped roof, giving the building something of the air of a castle. The high roof was not, however, an end in itself: it was motivated by the central assembly hall, which has herring-bone strutting to provide sufficient height for a theatre stage along one wall and an orchestra balcony above a side room in the other wall. The building is crowned by a lantern in noble ”Caroline” (late 17th century) style. The two symmetrical wings originally formed a cour d'honneur, but were later linked with a verandah-like entrance hall, which spoils the monumental effect and breaks the roof slope in an unfortunate way. The building was damaged by fire in the 1970s but has been restored.

    Göran Schildt: Alvar Aalto : A Life's Work-Architecture, Design and Art. Otava, 1994, 88.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Alajärven nuorisoseurantalo
    Alajärven nuorisoseurantalo
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