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    Bath Abbey 1156Robert of BathBath3
    Roman Baths Museum 1st c.n/aBath18
    Royal Crescent 1774Wood, John the YoungerBath1
    The Circus 1768Wood, John the Elder & Wood, John the YoungerBath9
    History Faculty Building 1967Stirling, JamesCambridge3
    King’s College 1515Ely, ReginaldCambridge3
    Law faculty 1995Foster + Partners Cambridge3
    Peterhouse 15th c.Balsham, Hugh deCambridge7
    Round church 1150n/aCambridge3
    Trinity college 1546Henry VIIICambridge8
    Canterbury Cathedral 1077LanfrancCanterbury208
    St Augustine’s Abbey 597n/aCanterbury58
    St Martin’s Church 6th c.Bertha of KentCanterbury2
    Coventry Cathedral 1962Spence, BasilCoventry9
    Durham Cathedral 1280William of St. CarilefDurham4
    Methodist Central Hall Westminster 1911Rickards, Edwin AlfredLondon2
    St. Paul’s Cathedral 1708Wren, ChristopherLondon25
    St. Stephen Walbrook 1680Wren, ChristopherLondon10
    Westminster Abbey 1517Henry IIILondon2
    St. Augustine 1968Williams, DesmondManchester2
    All Souls College 15th c.Chichele, Henri Oxford1
    Christ Church college 1525Wolsey, ThomasOxford8
    Clarendon Building 1713Hawksmoor, NicholasOxford3
    Merton college 1264Merton, Walter deOxford2
    Radcliffe camera 1749Gibbs, JamesOxford1
    Sheldonian theatre 1668Wren, ChristopherOxford1
    Haunch of Venison 1320n/aSalisbury2
    Salisbury Cathedral 1258Poore, RichardSalisbury78
    Salisbury Market Square -n/aSalisbury1
    Stonehenge 1600 BCn/aStonehenge1