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    Abu Simbel 1224 BCn/aAbu Simbel9
    Views of Abydos -n/aAbydos8
    Philae Temple Complex 362 BCNectanebo IAswan7
    Amr ibn al-Aas Mosque 642Amr ibn al-AasCairo10
    Coptic church of St. Barbara 5th c.n/aCairo5
    Hanging church 4th c.n/aCairo34
    Mohammed Ali Mosque 1857Bushnak, YusufCairo29
    Mosque of Ibn Tulun 879Tulun, Ahmad ibnCairo33
    Santa Maria (Cairo) -n/aCairo13
    St Sergius 5th c.n/aCairo11
    Suleiman Pasha Mosque 1528Suleiman PashaCairo14
    Sultan Hassan Mosque 1359Sultan HassanCairo32
    Bent pyramid 26th. c. BCSneferuDahshur2
    Red pyramid 26th c. BCSneferuDahshur6
    Views of Dendera -n/aDendera2
    Temple of Khnum 1st c.ClaudiusEsna3
    Giza plateau 26th c.BCKhufuGiza81
    Colossi of Memnon 14th c. BCAmenhotep IIILuxor10
    Deir el-Medina -n/aLuxor3
    Karnak temple 12th c. BCn/aLuxor330
    Luxor Temple 16-12th c. BCn/aLuxor136
    Temple of Hatshepsut 15th c. BCSenenmutLuxor79
    Temple of Merenptah 13-12th c. BCn/aLuxor18
    Temple of Ramses II (Ramesseum) 13th c. BCRamses IILuxor45
    Temple of Ramses III 12th c. BCRamses IIILuxor72
    Views of Luxor -n/aLuxor14
    Step pyramid of Djoser 27th c. BCImhotepSaqqara47
    Valley of the Kings 16-11th c. BCn/aThebes (Luxor)49