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    Abu Simbel 1224 BCn/aAbu SimbelEgypt9
    Philae Temple Complex 362 BCNectanebo IAswanEgypt7
    Bent pyramid 26th. c. BCSneferuDahshurEgypt2
    Red pyramid 26th c. BCSneferuDahshurEgypt6
    Giza plateau 26th c.BCKhufuGizaEgypt81
    Colossi of Memnon 14th c. BCAmenhotep IIILuxorEgypt10
    Karnak temple 12th c. BCn/aLuxorEgypt330
    Luxor Temple 16-12th c. BCn/aLuxorEgypt136
    Temple of Hatshepsut 15th c. BCSenenmutLuxorEgypt79
    Temple of Merenptah 13-12th c. BCn/aLuxorEgypt18
    Temple of Ramses II (Ramesseum) 13th c. BCRamses IILuxorEgypt45
    Temple of Ramses III 12th c. BCRamses IIILuxorEgypt72
    Step pyramid of Djoser 27th c. BCImhotepSaqqaraEgypt47
    Valley of the Kings 16-11th c. BCn/aThebes (Luxor)Egypt49