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    Great Mosque 1399Bayezid IBursaTurkey2
    Green Mosque 1421Hacı İvaz PashaBursaTurkey5
    Green Tomb 1421Hacı İvaz PashaBursaTurkey2
    Mohammed Ali Mosque 1857Bushnak, YusufCairoEgypt29
    Suleiman Pasha Mosque 1528Suleiman PashaCairoEgypt14
    Blue Mosque 1616Agha, MehmedIstanbulTurkey30
    Dolmabache Palace 1856Ağa & Balyan & Balyan & KalfaIstanbulTurkey7
    Eyüp Sultan Mosque 1458Mehmed II (The Conqueror)IstanbulTurkey3
    New Mosque 1665Ağa & Çavuş & AğaIstanbulTurkey23
    Şehzade Mosque 1548SinanIstanbulTurkey19
    St. Menas of Samatya 1833Yolasığmazis, KonstantisIstanbulTurkey1
    Süleimaniye Mosque 1558SinanIstanbulTurkey69
    Tiled Pavilion -n/aIstanbulTurkey1
    Tophane Fountain -n/aIstanbulTurkey1
    Topkapi Palace 1465Mehmed II (The Conqueror)IstanbulTurkey132
    Tulip Mosque 1763Ağa, Mehmet TahirIstanbulTurkey4