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    Arènes d’Arles 1st c. BCn/aArlesFrance42
    Palais Constantine 4th c.n/aArlesFrance6
    Roman Baths Museum 1st c.n/aBathUnited Kingdom18
    Ercolano 79n/aHerculaneumItaly5
    Tower of Constantinus -n/aIstanbulTurkey1
    Villa Poppaea 79n/aOplontis (Torre Annunziata)Italy1
    Capitolium di Ostia Antica -n/aOstia AnticaItaly5
    Forum delle Corporazioni -n/aOstia AnticaItaly11
    Teatro di Ostia Antica 196n/aOstia AnticaItaly13
    Basilica di Massenzio 312Constantine I & MaxentiusRomaItaly17
    Curia 52 BCn/aRomaItaly4
    Pantheon 124n/aRomaItaly3
    Tempio di Vesta 4th c.n/aRomaItaly1
    Pont du Gard 1st c.n/aVers-Pont-du-GardFrance25