Haettu kohde: Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri

    Kohde : Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri

    Kohteen kielivariantti : Seinäjoki City Theatre

    Arkkitehti : Alvar Aalto Co.

    Valm.vuosi : 1987

    Paikkakunta : Seinäjoki

    Maa : Finland

    Rakennustyyli : Moderni arkkitehtuuri (tarkentamaton)

    Kohde kartalla (vihreä nuoli)

    Kuvaus :

    Seinäjoki Theatre is part of the town's administrative and cultural centre. Planning of the area actually began back in 1960, when the church was already under construction. The church (“Cross of the Plains”), town hall, library and now the theatre make up a grouping of civic buildings distinctive not so much in size as in the way they stand out from the rest of the urban structure.

    Alvar Aalto's postwar output includes several plans for Finnish town centres. They all reflect his desire to integrate buildings serving cultural needs with normal local government functions. All the plans were extremely long range in effect and building-by-building implementation has usually taken decades.

    Arkkitehti 7/1987, 86.

    Ed. Antti Siitonen

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    Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri
    Seinäjoen kaupunginteatteri
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