Haettu kohde: Chilehaus

    Kohde : Chilehaus

    Kohteen kielivariantti : Chile House

    Arkkitehti : Höger, Fritz

    Valm.vuosi : 1924

    Paikkakunta : Hamburg

    Maa : Germany

    Rakennustyyli : Moderni arkkitehtuuri (tarkentamaton)

    Kohde kartalla (vihreä nuoli)

    Kuvaus :

    Chilehaus, “a flagship of stone”, is a striking example of a regional manifestation of Expressionism.

    “On a narrow tongue of land, drawn out over hundreds of meters, culminating at one end in the most acute of angles, attached at the other, broader end to existing buildings, rises the trunk of a building that positively strains towards its pointed tip: elongated like a trout, slender as a ship, rippling away like a wing, uninterrupted, unending like a stream of stars, incredibly light and incredibly strong, like the quill-feathers of an eagle, and unfurling like a banner in the wind...” – Rudolf G. Binding

    “The Chilehaus is a tremendously high-spirited building—thanks to its varied and exciting form and its ingenious brick decoration. The interplay of vertical and horizontal lines is augmented by diagonals, and one has the impression that it is not oneself who is moving, but the building, in a kind of a kinetic spectacle.” – Manfred Sack

    Thiel-Siling, Sabine (ed): Icons of Architecture. The 20th Century. Prestel-Verlag, Munich, 2005, p. 40.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Kuva © Arto Kuorikoski

    Kuva © Arto Kuorikoski