Haettu kohde: Église Saint-Médard

    Kohde : Église Saint-Médard

    Kohteen kielivariantti : Saint-Médard

    Valm.vuosi : 1784

    Paikkakunta : Paris

    Maa : France

    Rakennustyyli : Gotiikka

    Kohde kartalla (vihreä nuoli)

    Kuvaus :

    The church has received a place in history thanks to the tomb of a Jansenist abbot Abbé Paris (d. 1727), which was located in the churchyard until the beginning of 1800. The sick, poor and disabled people were told to gone through a miracle recovery at his graveside, so numbers of people in need were roaming to the graveyard. These were soon joined by charlatans and other troublemakers, who behaved inappropriately in this holy place, so the king’s troops had to intervene in 1732 and they expelled these “tremblers” (convulsionnaires) from the church land, as these pilgrims were called. The graveyard had to be closed, and a poster appeared on the church door saying: “God’s miracles in this church are prohibited by the king’s command.”

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    Ed. and transl. Katriina Puputti

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    Église Saint-Médard
    Église Saint-Médard
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