Haettu kohde: Lijnbaan Shopping Centre

    Kohde : Lijnbaan Shopping Centre

    Kohteen kielivariantti : Winkelcentrum de Lijnbaan

    Arkkitehti : Bakema, Jacob B. & Broek, Van den

    Valm.vuosi : 1953

    Paikkakunta : Rotterdam

    Maa : Netherlands

    Rakennustyyli : Moderni arkkitehtuuri (tarkentamaton)

    Kuvaus :

    The best-known feature of rebuilt Rotterdam is the Lijnbaan complex (1951–53). It was one of the first car-free shopping precincts in the world and was widely published and imitated.

    Although the Lijnbaan is built in a severely functionalist vocabulary, one of the reasons for its wide pub—mixed use, “living above the store,” and a physical matrix simple and robust enough to accommodate change.

    Buch, Joseph: A Century of Architecture in the Netherlands 1880–1990, NAI Publishers, pp. 275, 296.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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    Lijnbaan Shopping Centre
    Lijnbaan Shopping Centre
    Kuva © Arto Kuorikoski