Haettu kohde: Noorderkerk

    Kohde : Noorderkerk

    Arkkitehti : Keyser, Hendrik de

    Valm.vuosi : 1623

    Paikkakunta : Amsterdam

    Maa : Netherlands

    Kohde kartalla (vihreä nuoli)

    Kuvaus :

    Noorderkerk (1620) was Hendrick de Keyser’s last church. It had a modern plan for its time: a Greek cross with small triangular additions between its arms.

    The facades are very simple and austere and are slightly reminiscent of neck-gables. Because they are lower than the ridge of the main church the four gables have been given hip-roofs.

    Amsterdam Architecture, a Guide. Edited by Guus Kemme. Uitgeverij Thoth, Amsterdam 1992, p. 38.

    Ed. Heikki Nikkinen

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